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Trusting People Is Insane

That title had two parts: Trusting People Is Insane, but Forgiving Them Is Mandatory

Faith in man has made a fool of me. Over the years, I've given my heart and my faithful friendship to people whom I later discovered weren't ready to be trusted with my confidence. It's a painful experience that we can't even fully mourn because the shame about how foolish we were takes over and makes us feel even worse. So, we decide to put it all in our past. After all, we reason, we are over it anyway! That person didn't deserve our trust. Anyone who asks us hears about it. And now, we're bashing and gossiping about someone who we had been willing to trust with our very lives. But there has to be a better way. Shouldn't there be?

To begin with, let me share my old plan for dealing with betrayal. First, I acted like I never felt any love for the person even from the beginning. I told people I had kept the friendship out of pity. Then, to show how little love I had, I reve…