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Self Help Books

Through the years, I've read some life changing books. "Finding God at Every Turn" by Catherine Marshall was a huge influence upon me as a woman. Even though it was about a life lived decades upon decades before my own, it resonated with me. Another one was "Battlefield of the Mind" by Joyce Meyer, which I'm reading again at the moment. Ruth Bell Graham has an autobiographical book, and the title escapes my mind right now, but in it, she talked to me like a best friend.

"Lord, Change Me!" by Evelyn Christensen was amazing. Like her, I eventually got some time alone with God and begged him, not to fix my life, but to fix me. But lately, as I tried reading through a few more modern books, I hit a wall. They're bestsellers from people whom I admire, but I can't make myself wade through them. Something is missing, and as I think about my favorite books, I think what they lack is introspection.

These days, we talk about keeping it honest, real,…

Am I Good Enough?

I've spent my life trying to please others and to do what's expected. Now, notice that I didn't say that I was trying to be good. Yes, I've tried to be good. Of course, I've really made an effort to be godly, kind, and a generally good person. But sometimes I just begin to get overwhelmed by the fact that I'm not going to accomplish that goal at all. In those moments, I just give in to the idea of living up to a standard set among respectable mainstream Christians. I rest in the assurance that I don't drink, smoke, or have intimate relations with anyone but my husband. I'm holding down a job that really makes a difference in people's lives. I rarely miss a Sunday at church. See? I'm pretty good as far as the basic rules go.

Then, I spend a little time in the presence of God. There in his presence, I realize all over again that I'm not even close to good. I'm not free of rude attitudes or unkind thoughts. Besides, my job truly fulfills…

On Being a Former Homeschooler

I don't think the term works -- former homeschooler. You see, I'm always going to be a different kind of parent and grandparent for the rest of my life, and much of it is due to my background in homeschooling. For example, I can imagine that everything in life will become a chance to teach a lesson as long as I can speak. Every experience is going to include the compulsion to enrich it by packing it with meaning and depth in a way that most ordinary experiences from my childhood were lacking. I'm always going to want to make things into "events" and "experiences" in ways that other moms simply don't even consider doing.

While raising my kids, I wanted every trip to McDonald's to include the park and ice cream. Similarly, every trip to the library had to include the most exciting book, the most epic classic, and some time picking a movie from the library's collection at the end of our trip. It's just the way we did things. Later, every tr…