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Blessings in Poverty

I'm having a great day. I started the day having a good breakfast, enjoying time with my son, Javi, and then going to the food bank. Wait, what? Wouldn't a person be in perpetual torment if they needed to visit a food bank and essentially accept a handout? I used to believe that, back when my pride was always at stake. Now, I'm trying so hard to live a life where I simply go with the flow unless I have a reason to resist. And, thankfully, this trip to the food bank was a LOT of fun. I got to see some folks I haven't seen in months, and I got some awesome, healthy food.  All in all, it was great.

How about you? Are you facing some situations that might break someone else? Someone with less strength of character? If you've been broken by your life's circumstances, believe me when I say that I understand. I've struggled a lot, and I've wept longer and harder than I thought possible. In fact, my temper tantrums as a child pale in comparison to what I sounde…