Hecklers & Yellow Team

As I began my Yellow Team workout, I became pretty confident. There was some lower body movement, a little light hopping, and though I was modifying my positioning, some of my modifications were tougher than the modified moves on the video. Just then, family came through the door. Now, if you are ultra sensitive to teasing, and your family members like to make lighthearted jokes, then your first instinct is to turn off the video and walk away. However, I was tired of making excuses for not working out. So, I kept hopping around like an elephant in spandex.

Suddenly, I heard actual guffaws. The, "I'm sorry..." I was willing to let that go. But then, it continued, "I just never saw YOU exercising." Okay, then. I'm now huffing, puffing, and fuming. I'm actually gaining momentum from the force of my indignation. "I just never imagined that I would see you EXERCISING." I have to slow down my breathing on purpose now, because I might pass out. But I don't stop.

Hecklers can frustrate and annoy. They can challenge and even offend. But they can't stop you. I used BeachbodyOnDemand.com today as usual, and I finished the workout. Halleluyah!


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