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Taking Offense

There is one thing that breaks my heart. Disconnected relationships. If my son and his daddy aren't getting along, I'm miserable. If my daughter and I haven't spent time together in weeks, I'm lonely. Why? Because family, and familial love, bring healing to us all.

Family is the one place where we can escape and rest. It's a place of recovery. My family is restorative to me. And I seek to be a blessing to them, too.

Tonight, however, I realized that I had allowed bitterness to come into my family circle, and that it had stabbed a hole into that protective barrier. We faced danger from that broken space, because anything could fly in through that space and do harm to our members.

One phrase awakened me to this breach. "You'd better not eat again," my husband said tentatively as I grabbed another big bite of food that I seriously did not need. And as it always has, that phrase made me want to go to the kitchen and cook myself an entire meal. Bitterness …

Hecklers & Life Goals

I've been trying to change my health habits. As in, I've been trying to develop some, since for most of my life, I've done stuff that should eventually kill me. I've eaten bad food and huge quantities of it. I've sat around and not moved much at all. I've snacked all day long on stuff that's designed to make you a food addict. And I've rewarded myself with food every single time I was having a bad day, a good day, or an okay day.

So, enter my first few days as an avid workout-er. As I began my Yellow Team workout that morning, I became pretty confident. There was some lower body movement, a little light hopping, and though I was modifying my positioning, some of the modifications I was making were a little tougher than the modified moves they provided for us on the video. I was really getting excited.

Just then, family came through the door. Now, if you are ultra sensitive to teasing, and your family members like to make lighthearted jokes, then your fi…

Aches, Pains, and Fitness Goals

I've tried for years to lose weight alone. Then, I tried again alone but in a different way. Surely, that would work? Nope. I asked people to help keep me accountable. Then, I made excuses for why I was cheating -- just this once. They would quit trying to hold me accountable. So, I'd end up cheating more than once, and then more than twice. Finally, in my mid-40s, I decided to get real help.

Okay, so this person, a Beachbody coach, has been gently encouraging me for months. I did well for a few weeks. Then, I kind of fell off of it. I was determined, but then I decided to give it all up when I faced a bunch of setbacks. This kind lady sent me a message, so I tried again. She added me to an accountability group, and now, I was more focused. Then, more setbacks. Another decision to forget about it.

This week, she got back in touch at just the right moment. I signed up for a 30 day trial to the workout videos. I did the easiest one I could find. No weights, low difficulty, a gre…