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Babies - The Absolute Truth

A young couple who is friends with us just had a new baby two days ago. Their little girl is a gorgeous, teeny little thing, who though premature, looks to be perfect. We're overjoyed for their happiness. We prayed over that little baby during that pregnancy where it seemed like complications might be inevitable. We knew that with God all things are possible. In the end, another joyful birth has come out of this time of uncertainty. It's a happy ending, yet also a new beginning.

I've always had room in my heart for babies ever since my late teens when I finally, truly fell in love with kids. Before then, I had babysat, and while I enjoyed the money, I honestly didn't grow very attached to the kids. I could take them or leave them. But I was pretty decent at it, and I had a steady influx of kids to babysit until I became old enough to begin working fast food jobs. All in all, it was after I stopped getting paid to spend time with kids that I first discovered how much I …