Prepositions and Self-Acceptance

For the past few months, I've been teaching my students about prepositions. One student was absent for some of the key lessons, and this child hasn't caught on as well as the others. The student dreams of being the high scorer in the class, and this child has the potential to do it. But that one key -- prepositions -- is keeping that student from unlocking the gate to that dream.

Don't I often feel that way -- as if during one of the biggest life lessons, I wasn't there to receive that instruction. I know that all of us feel that way at times, but with my dramatic soul, I feel it more than most. Or so I like to think. The reality is that all of us are missing something -- and sometimes it's just what we need to unlock that gate standing between us and our dreams.

For me, it's stick-to-it-ive-ness. Or what is more commonly referred to as grit. I start things well, and I work exceptionally hard during the critical first stage of development. But when the time comes for maintenance, tweaking, or reformatting, I'm usually sitting on the couch in front of some form of entertainment. I'm checking out of my work and avoiding responsibility. I hate that about myself.

Tomorrow, I'm going to do it all differently. I'll awaken and open up the Word of God, make my bed after my shower, and then I'll take each step purposefully and carefully. With forethought. When I fail, I'll retrace my steps to where I took the wrong path and I'll try again. I'm going to be amazing! Or so I say to myself every evening as I lie in bed waiting for sleep.

Do you do that? Do you dream of a better tomorrow? I sure do. I get tired of dreaming. I want to reach that goal and accomplish that one big thing. I want to be a success.

Today, I managed really well. I did several loads of laundry and put it all away. I finished editing the third edition of my "Finding the Path" Kindle book, and I uploaded it and even launched a free book promotion. I did everything right that I could do in the allotted time. Or so I told myself.

There is more than I could have done, and I know it well, but if I'm not careful, I can sit here feeling sorry about what I didn't do rather than embracing the fact that I got so much done today. Today is a day to celebrate!

This is also the day to start again, to do my best, to really put forth effort, and then to be proud of what I've done. I'll also know where I fell short. I won't live in denial. But I will cut myself some slack. It's normal to be flawed. It comes with the humanity that we won't escape as long as we're wearing skin on this planet. And you know what? It's okay!

Tonight, I'm struck by the truth that this messed up woman who didn't finish all the items on her list did a pretty good job anyway. And I'm determined to be supportive and friendly to her. This woman -- who is me - -needs a friend like that. And if I'm going to live in this skin with this flawed piece of humanity, we might as well be friends, don't you think? Yes, I worded that a bit oddly. But if you take a good look, you'll see that it makes sense. In its own flawed, human, messed up way. And that's okay!


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