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Prepositions and Self-Acceptance

For the past few months, I've been teaching my students about prepositions. One student was absent for some of the key lessons, and this child hasn't caught on as well as the others. The student dreams of being the high scorer in the class, and this child has the potential to do it. But that one key -- prepositions -- is keeping that student from unlocking the gate to that dream.

Don't I often feel that way -- as if during one of the biggest life lessons, I wasn't there to receive that instruction. I know that all of us feel that way at times, but with my dramatic soul, I feel it more than most. Or so I like to think. The reality is that all of us are missing something -- and sometimes it's just what we need to unlock that gate standing between us and our dreams.

For me, it's stick-to-it-ive-ness. Or what is more commonly referred to as grit. I start things well, and I work exceptionally hard during the critical first stage of development. But when the time com…