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The Mirror Has Revealed ...

I'm here in the school where I teach, and my kids are practicing for the Christmas play. They are very good at this. Our directors really direct. Our singers sing. The actors give it their professional best, and it amazes me how kids can so outperform their adult counterparts.

Am I being fair in saying this? Well, our shy kids are doing their part. Our quiet ones are pushing their volume levels with dedication and focus. Our clowns are settling down and playing their parts with reverence. And when it comes my turn to read through Luke 2:1-16, there is reverent silence.

Now, when was the last time you stretched yourself beyond your ordinary limitations? When did you try to reinvent yourself and do something totally new -- without shoring up your courage with some type of caffeine, alcohol, or drug? These kids are here day after day, and they are creating a play that will share Jesus with the world around them. What are you doing to make that happen?

I'm sorry if I sound confron…