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If Dishes Were Wishes

I've been home all this summer. Each summer as a teacher, I've planned to get a job. So far, I have never managed to do it. Somehow, it never worked out and I've stayed home. Yet, instead of becoming like Martha Stewart and demolishing all my domestic strongholds, I find that life keeps getting complicated and I end up doing very badly at keeping my household neat and orderly. My kitchen floor, for example, looks terrible. Oh, and don't even get me started on my sink. It's always full of dishes!

This entire school year, I've told myself that I'll finally get the house in order this summer. I've told myself that summer time is the ideal period for setting up a system by which I'll finally be able to keep up with the house all year. Now, summer is here and I'm exhausted by this heat. I can barely move, and I can hardly think. It's hot, hot, hot. And I'm really not having fun.

I've been practically immobilized for a month. Now, this sec…