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Consider the Cost before You Marry

Note: This blog is not a fully edited, smooth piece of writing. Rather, it's an emotional journey that isn't always linear or orderly. 

Everything that you want in life will cost you something. Or as you'd say in Spanish, "Todo tiene un costo." In fact, the most important things in life will cost you the most. If it is worth having, most of the time it costs you more than you have. 
Let's talk about kids, for example. Who has the energy, determination, and the mental stability to handle raising kids? Honestly, most of us don't have what it takes. Kids require all of your love, devotion, patience, energy, and they need something from you all the time. Yet, there is nothing more wonderful than a child. We would endure any pain or suffering for them. 
How about a marriage relationship? By the way, I'm aware that in today's society there are all types of couples and not everyone is married. I choose to write about my own experience in this case, and I am…

Elisabeth Elliot's Hug on Hold

If you and I have ever talked, then chances are very good that I mentioned my struggles in one area or another. I've learned that I should boast about my weaknesses so that the power of Christ may dwell in me. In other words, I tell you where I'm lacking and you see how awesomely God works in my life in spite of my many failings. I'm lazy about moving around. I'm messy. I like to play too much, as so many of my students have told me. I can be rude.  I am often mean when I'm angry. I don't give people a chance to talk. I talk too much. I hate cleaning. I don't want to walk the dog unless the weather's perfect. I am sometimes obnoxious. 

Elisabeth Elliot just passed away, and she was my opposite. Where I'm ruled by my passions, moods, and often my feelings, she was ruled by common sense and self determination. If God was the director of her life, she would choose to do what he said. If there was work to do, then she would do it without whining. There …