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Why kids matter

There's been a trend in our society for some time now -- to allow the experts to deal with the kids. I  get it. It's really hard to imagine that for one bad move you make, a child's entire future could veer off course. You begin to think that at least by putting his or her training in the hands of the expert Bible teacher, the expert school teacher, the expert educational TV writer, or the expert child care provider, they will at least stay normal like everybody else's kids. And considering the possibilities, that's not all bad. Right?

But this month, I've read about some extraordinary kids who spend their days practicing for spelling bees. I learned about kids who created fundraisers that provided medical help to children all over the world. A homeschooler I know has a world class surfer of a son. One public schooled boy stood in the doorway greeting every student who came through the doors -- did I mention he was a newcomer?

My kids weren't ordinary growi…